Female home invader takes nothing

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston Heights resident says a stranger walked into her home made a cup of coffee, a TV Dinner, and settled in for a while before leaving.

"She didn't take anything, well she did start to take my bike, but it was left nearby with the kickstand down," homeowner, Jenifer Moore, said.

Moore, who lives on the 1500 block of Tulane, said the incident Friday was both puzzling and disturbing. She wasn't home to witness the unidentified woman's behavior, but another family member was there.

"My brother-in-law, who is not from here, came home and she very calmly and very happily said everyone is here, 'I am cooking fish for dinner'," Moore said.

The brother-in-law was reportedly confused but not alarmed and thought the woman was a cleaning lady, so he did not pay much attention to the young woman, according to Moore.

The woman left a short time later, out the back door. That was Friday.

On Sunday, a few blocks away, on the 1500 block of Blair Street, a woman matching the same description tried to enter another home.

The homeowner saw the woman jiggle the knob, give up, and then disappear down the street.

Both homeowners reported the incidents on nextdoor.com, a neighborhood bulletin board.

Later Sunday, a Harris County Deputy Constable,
Precinct 1, found the woman and arrested her.

"She briefly resisted, but she was talking to herself, and clearly had problems, so we took her to the county health facility," J.C. Mosier, a veteran of the Precinct 1 Constable's office said by phone.

Mosier declined to identify the woman, but said she was listed as being 24 years old and was not charged with a crime.

It is unclear whether the intruder remained in a mental facility, or protective custody, Monday.

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