FDA warns pet owners over dog treats

Houston woman's puppy dies after eating treats

HOUSTON - The Federal Drug Administration is warning dog owners about chicken jerky treats that could be making their pets sick.

Krystal Wilkerson said her three 6-month-old Pomeranian puppies all became sick after eating Waggin' Train chicken jerky treats.

She said it started with Daphne, who was lethargic, vomiting and shaking. Two days before Christmas, Wilkerson said the puppy slowly recovered.

But soon another puppy, Lily, was sick.

"Her organs were shutting down and the emergency room vet said there was absolutely nothing we could do for her," said Wilkerson.

"At this point she was just way too far gone. She fought to the very last breath and I just held her and I rocked her," she added.

Lily died Monday. A third puppy, Chico, then became sick.

"We took him to the emergency vet and his vet looked at him and said 'That's poison,'" Wilkerson said.

The veterinarian treated Chico for kidney failure. The puppy was still recovering on Thursday.

When Wilkerson told her veterinarian the three dogs had eaten Waggin' Train chicken jerky treats from China, she said he gave her frightening news.

"He does absolutely believe that it was the chicken jerky that did this to them," she said.

While no tests have shown a connection between the puppies' sickness and the treats they ate, Wilkerson called the company. To her surprise, she said they were quick to offer apologies and help her pay for her puppy's medical bills.

"They were incredibly accommodating and very apologetic and sympathetic and they're taking care of Chico's vet bills," she said.

KPRC Local 2 contacted Waggin' Train and they confirm that they have been in contact with Wilkerson and have started an investigation. While they will soon be contacting her veterinarian, the company has not admitted fault.

The FDA issued a warning about the chicken jerky treats from China, but is not naming a specific brand because they have not found a direct link between dog illnesses and a specific brand of treats.

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