Fast-moving storms cause flooding in SW Houston

Fondren near Southwest Freeway underwater

HOUSTON - Tow trucks feverishly removed cars from the flood waters in southwest Houston Wednesday morning.

Local 2 cameras captured several vehicles stalling out as they tried to make it through the water that covered Fondren Road just west of the Southwest Freeway.

Andre Adams found himself stranded just before 4 a.m.

He said, "I was just trying to go home and the next thing you know water just flooded in my car."

Adams said he ended up leaving his car for higher ground and waited for a tow truck.

Drivers in other areas of Houston also had to deal with flood waters Wednesday morning. The I-45 interchange near Travis in downtown was shutdown due to high water.

Meanwhile, water over the inbound I-45 frontage road near Airline in northeast Houston also caused problems for drivers. Several vehicles ended up stuck after drivers steered to the shoulder in order to avoid going straight through the water.

"I went on the sidewalk and got stuck on the sidewalk. But the good civilians of Houston, they helped me," said Shannon Jenkins.

A couple of men helped pull Jenkins' vehicle out of the mud but not before water seeped inside the car. Jenkins said her mother told her to avoid I-45 but she drove through the area anyway.

"We should have listened. Listen to your moms," said Jenkins.

Because of the flooding, trash bags along the road for trash day were picked up and swept away.

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