Family upset man killed for stealing beer

HOUSTON - The family of a man who was shot and killed for allegedly stealing beer at a convenience store last week said he did not deserve to be gunned down.

Police said Troy Rector, 45, was shot and killed by a 19-year-old store clerk as he tried to steal a 12-pack of beer on Thursday.

Family members said the shooting victim was recently released from jail, had a criminal record, a long history of mental illness and that's why they said the shooting should have never happened.

"He had his flaws like all of us, but he did not deserve to be gunned down by some young person who thought they was a vigilante, taking the law in they own hands. That was my brother, my brother and they were wrong," said Terri Rector, the shooting victim's sister.

The family and community activist Quanell X gathered Sunday in Third Ward to speak out against what they called an unjustified killing.

According to the store's manager, it was not the first time there was an attempted robbery by Rector.

"Two, three times. That one guy comes here every day and steal two 12-packs and walks outside. What am I supposed to do?" said Nick Zaman, the convenience store's manager.

Zaman said he stands by his employee's actions, but Rector's family members said he may have not been able to control his actions. His family said he had a history of mental illness, and had just walked away from a halfway house.

"He had bipolar, schizophrenia and he was on Thorazine and a lot of other medications," Terri Rector said.

Family members said that Rector put the beer down and tried to walk away, but the clerk said that never happened.

The clerk has not been charged. The case was referred to a grand jury.

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