Family sues Schlitterbahn water park after girl loses part of thumb

GALVESTON, Texas - A family is suing a popular water park after a child severs her thumb in a wave pool.

The incident happened on Aug. 25 at Schlitterbahn in Galveston.

According to the lawsuit, the 11-year-old Humble girl was in the wave pool when her thumb got caught on a metal grate.

"She was in the wave pool. A place where she was allowed to be when this tragic situation happened. Now she's lost her thumb for the rest of her life," said attorney Daniel Horowitz.

The lawsuit states the girl yelled "I'm stuck!" Other swimmers tried to pull her hand out, but she had already lost a part of her thumb.

"Her thumb got ripped off just below the knuckle. They weren't able to recover the part of the thumb that was ripped off," said Horowitz.

KPRC Local 2 tried to get a comment from Schlitterbahn, but the request was not answered.

The family is seeking compensation for medical bills and an unspecified amount for disfigurement.

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