Family claims body of woman found burning in field

Family: Person of interest named in case

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

PASADENA, Texas - The Montoya family told Local 2 they feared from the beginning that the body found in the field belonged to their loved one, Rocio Montoya, and now their fears have come true.

"When we woke in the morning and she wasn't home, we kind of already had an idea that something may have happened," said Cynthia Montoya, the victim's cousin. "Yes, we did officially find out it was her. The DNA matched and it was my cousin."

Rocio Montoya's body was found Monday morning burning in a field.

Cynthia Montoya said she and her family found Montoya's rosary lying in the grass not far from where investigators found her body. That was confirmation enough for them, she said.

An autopsy was performed on Tuesday, but investigators haven't confirmed the victim's identity. They did tell Local 2 a person of interest has been named in the case and an arrest and charges could be coming soon.

"Whoever was out there, whoever did this, you don't want them back on the streets," Cynthia Montoya said. "But nothing at this point is going to bring her back. She's gone."

Montoya leaves behind two young children -- a 3-year-old daughter and a 6-month-old son.

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