Evicted Lake Jackson tenants leaves big mess

Owner, 77, left to deal with mess

LAKE JACKSON, Texas - At least eight people were living in filthy conditions in a Lake Jackson rental home, according to the home's 77-year-old owner Nick Carrizales.

Those tenants were two month's behind on the rent according to Carrizales and were evicted early Thursday morning, leaving Carrizales out at least two months rent and sticking him with a huge clean-up tab.

"So far, over $1,000," says Carrizales, who had to pay the city of Lake Jackson to bring massive dumpsters to his home to clean the mess his former tenants left. 

If he didn't have the mess cleared by Thursday, he would have faced a $500 for every additional day all the stuff was left outside. Neighbors were shocked.

"We can not believe it," said Terri Carrasco, who lives across the street from the now empty home. 

She along with more than 20 other members of the neighborhood helped get all the stuff from the inside of the home to the front where city crews could clear it.

"We had no idea it was this bad until I walked over there...and saw the devastation," said Carrasco.

According to Lake Jackson officials, even though Carrizales didn't make the mess, as the registered homeowner he is responsible for the clean-up and any other charges the mess may bring. 

After suffering from a stroke less than a month ago and living on his fixed military retirement, this is the last thing he wanted to deal with.

"I'm not going to rent it no more...I'll give it to my kids or something," said Carrizales.

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