ERCOT urges Texans to conserve power during cold front

By Cody Schultz - News Producer

AUSTIN - While many are wanting to crank up the heat in this cold, Texans are being advised to turn it down.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is urging Texans to cut back on their electric use as much as possible through 9 a.m. Tuesday because of the cold.

The grid operator for most of Texas expects the freezing temperatures and strong winds to add up to a high electric demand.

ERCOT issued a Conservation Alert Sunday evening to encourage consumers to limit their electric use Monday morning, but extended the alert for another day.

"We were able to maintain grid reliability without an energy emergency this morning, and we appreciate this help from consumers," said Dan Woodfin, ERCOT director of System Operations. "With the continued cold weather, we expect conditions to remain tight, especially during the early evening tonight and early morning hours tomorrow."

Texans can help reduce demand by keeping thermostats no higher than 68 degrees, by turning off non-essential appliances and by closing the shades to reduce the amount of heat loss.

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