Electronic billboards highlight highway death toll

New driving safety campaign under way

HOUSTON - The state is taking aim at distracted drivers by putting the highway death toll on digital billboards across Texas.

TxDOT is using more than 700 of its digital billboards to inform drivers of the total number of deaths, year-to-date, on Texas roads.

According to a message on Tuesday morning, 2,058 people have been killed while driving in the Lone Star State so far this year.

Last week, Local 2 reported two fatal crashes -- one on the North Loop when a car stalled and the driver was rear-ended. The other occurred in Bellaire where a car was split into two pieces when the driver lost control.

TxDOT is urging drivers to stop texting and driving, drinking and driving, and speeding.

Even though the number of people killed each year in traffic crashes in Texas has decreased by 21 percent since 2003, about 250 were killed every month in 2011.

TxDOT said it planned to display the year-to-date numbers for one week each month.

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