Driver killed in bayou crash

HPD: Vehicle was traveling more than 100 mph

HOUSTON - A man died after he lost control of his truck, went airborne and landed in bayou, police say.

Police said the man was driving more than 100 mph in his green Ford Ranger when he plowed through a chain link fence on Cesar Chavez and Avenue W in northeast Houston.

The Coast Guard said it took several hours to locate the truck because it was completely submerged.

"They found the driver of the vehicle, appears to be a Hispanic male, maybe late teens or early 20s," said Sgt. Javier Tapia with the Houston Police Department.

The man's seat belt was still buckled, police said.

Security guard Niyazi Al Yacoub told Local 2 he saw what happened and called 911.

"I just give my advice to people to drive slowly because this is their life," said Yacoub.

This is the second fatal wreck in two weeks at this location. On March 13th, a driver went through the same section of fence and died in Bayou.

People who work and live in the area said they are concerned for public safety at this dangerous intersection.

"It is better to put flash flight and give more attention to people," said Yacoub.

Residents said they hope the fence will be fixed soon and a barricade of some sort will be put up to prevent similar tragedies.

Authorities said there was no apparent sign that alcohol played a role in the accident.

The driver's identity hasn't been released.

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