Dozens of pizza lovers in Houston getting pranked

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

TEXAS CITY, Texas - Kristen Buck threw her leftover pizza in the trash after she got a disturbing phone call about four hours after she had ordered two pizzas from Dominos in Texas City on Tuesday.

"We got a call around 6:00pm from someone claiming to be the delivery driver," Buck said.

She said the caller claimed that there was an extra ingredient on her pepperoni pizzas -- a "bodily fluid."

Buck told Local 2 the caller told her, "'Don't eat it.' But that was four hours later and we had already eaten one of them."

She said she threw away the leftovers and called Dominos in Texas City. She said the manager told her it was a hoax, that many other customers had gotten the same call and tried to explain.

Buck said the employee told her, "The same person called the store and claimed to be from corporate and said, 'I saw that you were having computer issues.  I just want to verify these addresses, phone numbers, orders.'"

A spokesman for Dominos confirmed someone called the store and got private customer information. The spokesman said it is a hoax and that it is against policy to release the information.  He said the employee made a mistake.

Buck said, "I said so this person could potentially have my card information cause we paid online and we had to input our card so how much of hacking did they do?"

The company said no credit card information was released and that someone has called its stores hundreds of times recently trying to get the private information and finally succeeded when an employee made the mistake.

A Dominos spokesman said messages went out Wednesday to all of its employees explaining that no personal information should ever be released. The policy said if anyone calls for information, take a message and verify who the caller is before releasing anything.

The Dominos spokesman said the company does not yet know who placed the calls.

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