Doctor accused of breaking into woman's home, leaving condescending messages

HOUSTON - A doctor is facing charges of criminal trespassing and harassment stemming from an apparent love triangle has hired veteran Houston attorney Rusty Hardin to defend her.

Dr. Angela Siler-Fisher, an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, and Director of the Ben Taub Hospital Emergency Room, allegedly phoned Dr. Marcelle Mallery en route to Dr. Marcelle Mallery's home Sunday and threatened to beat her. Dr. Mallery was warned Dr. Siler-Fisher was on the way there a few minutes earlier by a call from Siler-Fisher's husband, Dr. Brandon Fisher.

When she arrived at the house in the 3600 block of Glen Haven, Mallery and her children were gone.

Mallery's attorney, David Reddell said, "She left because she feared for her safety and her child's safety."

According to police, Dr. Fisher broke into the house through a "doggy door," and then used lipstick to scrawl the words "whore" and "home-wrecker" on a bathroom mirror. According to court documents, the break-in was recorded on video by home security cameras.

Police say Dr. Siler-Fisher also sent Mallery a total of 25 text messages in a period of 16 hours.

"I think there's an explanation and I think it's understandable, and I think that the average person would probably say 'there but for the grace of God go I.'" Hardin said.  "She did it because she had been wronged by a friend."

Hardin would not go into detail about the relationship. Dr. Mallery's attorney says she and Dr. Fisher's husband are both radiologists who worked together at one time. He says the couples are social friends.

"When something like this happens people get very emotional, and they act irrationally, and that needs to be judged against a unblemished professional career as a doctor. And I think many of us have probably done some things and reacted in a way we wish we hadn't. Hardin said.

In a statement released late Wednesday, a representative for Baylor College of Medicine wrote, "We understand that this is a private matter for Dr. Fisher and does not impact her work at Baylor College of Medicine."

Both charges against Dr. Siler-Fisher are misdemeanors. She is scheduled to be arraigned Decmeber 11.

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