Did Texans fans go too far in cheering Schaub's injury?

HOUSTON - For the last month, Texans fans have been expressing their disappointment about the direction of the team. But some of that frustration might have gone too far.

The Texans have gone from Super Bowl contender to utter disappointment after a fourth straight loss -- this time a 38-13 embarrassment against the Rams. From the first loss and pick 6's four weeks ago, some Texans fans showed their lost love for Matt Schaub by burning a #8 jersey in the parking lot of Reliant Park after a game.

Someone even put a "Cut Schaub" sign over the freeway. And now this -- a fake Schaub stuffed in trunk driving around Houston.

But was it too far to cheer as Schaub was down and injured Sunday? Sports Radio 610 radio hosts Nick Wright and John Lopez tackled it all Monday during their 'In The Loop' show, taking fan calls.

"Yeah it's bad to be cheering that the guy got hurt, but man I understand. The average fan feels helpless the fan feels Kubiak is putting his friendship and loyalty above the team starting someone who does not give them a chance to win," said one caller.

In post-game interviews Sunday, Texans players used phrases like 'disrespectful,' 'no class' and 'tasteless' to describe the fans who cheered as an injured Schaub was writhing on the field.

Coach Gary Kubiak Monday afternoon said Schaub was an "end-of-week decision" and that he would prepare both backups, T.J. Yates and Case Keenum, for Sunday's game against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.

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