Detectives investigate officer-involved shooting of handcuffed suspect

Burglary call at spa led to shooting in West Houston

HOUSTON - An investigation was underway early Friday morning after a police officer shot a man at a west Houston spa.

According to an HPD spokesman, Sgt B. Foltz and Officer J. Ngar responded to a robbery in progress call from the MAM Spa on the 13600 block of Westheimer around 11 p.m. Thursday.
Officers said they found the front door open, but a secondary door was locked.

Detectives said women were heard crying in the back of the spa. Moments later the officers forced their way in through the secondary door and found an armed man in the back of the spa.
The suspect was quickly arrested and put into handcuffs.  Investigators said Sgt. Foltz performed a "high risk" search.

While the suspect was sitting handcuffed outside, officers said the suspect told them he had an accomplice. Officer Ngar went back inside to search for a second suspect. Investigators said Sgt. Foltz stayed with the suspect and also watched for his partner's return.

Investigators said when Sgt Foltz looked away, the suspect reached into the back of his pants while handcuffed, pulled a weapon, and fired at Sgt. Foltz.  Detectives said Sgt. Foltz fired back at the suspect.

Police said the suspect then ran into the spa, and tried to escape out of a back door, but Officer Ngar saw the suspect and fired his weapon.

According to police, the suspect was shot but kept running, and later collapsed in a near by parking lot.  He was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Investigators said there never really was an accomplice, and the suspect just said that to distract the officers.

Police said there were two women inside the spa at the time of the shooting. Both of them were not hurt.  No officers were injured either.

An HPD spokesman said generally an officer performs a "high risk" preliminary search when the scene still needs to be contained. The officer searches the suspect and then continues working to secure the area.

Police said another search may be performed later when putting the suspect in the patrol car and when the suspect arrives at the jail.

Investigators said Sgt. Foltz has been on the Houston police force since 1994 and Officer Ngar has been on the force since 2008.  Police and the district attorney's office will investigate the shooting.

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