Deputy drops evidence bag, gets hit by bullet after it explodes

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - A bizarre mishap in the basement of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center Friday morning yielded a minor injury to a Harris County deputy.

"A deputy was transferring an evidence bag. It dropped. A bullet in the bag exploded. I won't say fired, because it didn't come from a gun. It just exploded. It grazed the deputy," Alan Bernstein, Director of Public Affairs for the Harris County Sheriff's Office, said.

The slight ankle wound was treated on the spot.

"It can happen; something like this isn't common, no, but it can happen," Alfredo Perez, a U.S. Deputy Marshal, said.

A very similar incident happened in Sacramento, California, in Aug. 2010. An evidence clerk was slightly injured in similar circumstances.

Bernstein did not believe the exploded round, a piece of evidence, would alter the course of any pending criminal cases.

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