Dad: Student threatened son with knife

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

SPRING, Texas - A Spring father is concerned for his son's safety after learning that a student at Klein High School brought a knife to school. 

According to John Huante, the student showed the knife to his son in a threatening manner, and he's now fearful of what might happen next.

"He was scared," said Huante. "He thought he was going to get stabbed."

Haunte said the incident happened last Wednesday in the locker room. 

Huante said the student was trying to intimidate his freshman son after an earlier bullying incident. 

The concerned father contacted the school, but said he was surprised to learn the student with the weapon wasn't expelled.

"From what they said, it was not an illegal knife, it wasn't an illegal weapon," Huante said. 

According to a Klein Independent School District spokesperson, state law considers knives over 5.5 inches illegal.

Huante's son said the knife in question was about 3 inches long. 

"I don't want other kids thinking it's okay to bring a knife," said Huante. "I don't want to see knives in the school at all. I want to make sure our kids are safe."

In a statement provided to KPRC Local 2, Klein ISD said, "Knives are not permitted on Klein ISD campuses regardless of whether they meet the penal code definition of an illegal weapon. We did have an incident last week at Klein High School involving a knife that did not meet the definition of an illegal weapon. However, because student safety is of utmost importance, all incidents such as this are thoroughly investigated by the Klein ISD police and administration and appropriate disciplinary action is taken." 

Huante said the student has been back in class, and he's worried about his son's safety.

The school spokesperson told KPRC Local 2 the student would have been expelled if the knife had been longer than 5.5, but it wasn't. She said the student was disciplined, but wouldn't disclose how or to what extent.

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