Cyclist issues online warning about driver

Cyclist says driver tried running her over

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston cyclist posted an online warning about a man driving a black Honda Civic who she said tried to run over and threatened to kill her.

The cyclist told her friends that she was riding along Welch between Hazard and Dunlavy in Montrose on Monday night when a man in a black Honda Civic brushed up against her, threw food at her, then tried to run her over. 

She posted her experiences on Facebook and shared it with a Houston cycling group.  Other readers said they had had the same experiences with a similar driver.

The cyclist who posted the warning said the driver threatened to kill her and that people who live nearby helped scare off the man.  Online, the cyclist told readers that she tried but could not get a tag number for the car. 

Houston police said no one has yet reported the Monday encounter between the cyclist and a driver.

KPRC Local 2 has tried but has not been able to reach the cyclist who posted the online warning.

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