CVS employee accused of stealing from customer

Employee arrested and charged

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - An employee at the CVS store at 9125 Hillcroft in Southwest Houston has been arrested and charged with credit card abuse  after a shopper accused her of stealing a wallet.

Houston police said 20-year-old Tynesha Rhone was a cashier at the store when she grabbed a customer's wallet off the counter.

"I set it on the counter at the checkout and turned around to grab some toothpaste, when I looked back my wallet was gone and I was like, 'Did you pick up my wallet?' and she said, 'No ma'am," said the victim who wants to be identified only by her first name, Beverly.

Beverly thought maybe she misplaced the wallet someplace else, so she left the store and went home to look for it. 

"Later on that night I got a text from my bank that someone was using my credit card," she said.  "I went over to that store and they told me who had used my credit card and it was a CVS employee."

Beverly contacted the police who began to investigate.  Eventually they arrested Rhone and according to court documents surveillance video from inside the store showed her taking the wallet off the counter. 

Beverly said she is out more than $3,000 in charges, cash and gift cards that can't be replaced.

"There's a lesson to be learned here, the person on the other side who is waiting on you may not be that trustworthy," she said.

CVS corporate office told Local 2 Rhone has been fired and they are cooperating with the police on their investigation.

Rhone is out on $2,000 bond and is officially charged with felony credit card abuse.  She is due in court on May 5.

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