Crook steals thousands worth of designer eyeglasses

Police: Thief broke through walls to get to store

HOUSTON - A crook set his sights on an eyeglasses store, stealing thousands of dollars worth of designer frames.

Houston police said a man broke through the walls of two neighboring stores, then burst through the back wall of an eye doctor's store in southwest Houston.

Once inside, police said the crook stole 360 designer frames worth around $32,000. Investigators said the amazing thing is that he did it all without tripping the motion detectors.

Officials said it only took the crook eight minutes to steal thousands of dollars from Mustafa Asif's family-owned business.

"He used the empty store, he came into the next store, then he came in here and crawled in like a little ant. Like a caterpillar," said Asif.

Now Asif said he wonders if the thief cased his shop before the burglary, methodically planning the high-priced heist.

"The way he came in and to know where everything was ... somebody had to know where everything was to do this," Asif said.

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