Craigslist ad leads to gunfire at Missouri City Walmart

Man selling phone fires gun at thief

MISSOURI CITY, Texas - A man faces a charge of deadly conduct after he fired shots several shots in a Walmart parking lot.

The man, identified by Missouri City police as Luke Kwan, posted a Craigslist ad in an attempt to sell his iPhone 5 phone.

Kwan met a potential buyer at the Walmart on Highway 6 in Missouri City around 10 p.m Wednesday.

Police said the two were inside the store when the potential buyer snatched the phone and punched Kwan in the face.

The two men struggled over the phone.

Eventually, the thief broke free, and ran out of the store into the parking lot with the phone, police said.

According to investigators, Kwan ran after the thief. During the pursuit, Kwan pulled out a gun and fired several shots in the middle of the busy parking lot as the man ran away.

The thief was not hit. Police said he jumped into a white SUV and drove off.

During their investigation, Missouri City police found that a bullet hit a nearby home on Horizon Drive.

Police said Kwan has a concealed weapons permit, but because he put people in the parking lot in danger he was arrested and faces a charge of deadly conduct.

Missouri City police say this incident is still under investigation.

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