Court: Man stabs wife 119 times, beats boy with skillet

Court appearance reveals new information in murder case

HOUSTON - A man accused of brutally killing his wife and beating his 13-year-old stepson appeared in a Houston courtroom, revealing more details about the attack.

Lawrence Clinton Chambers, 40, faced a judge for the first time on Wednesday. He is charged with murder and injury to a child.

According to court documents, the trouble began when 43-year-old Jemal Chambers charged at her husband with a knife.

"He had lost it and stabbed her, the witness said. The defendant couldn't remember what he did to the juvenile victim," a prosecutor read from the court document.

The court document stated that Chambers stabbed his wife more than 119 times before repeatedly beating his 13-year-old stepson with a skillet.  The teen suffered serious trauma and cuts, and his face will be disfigured, doctors said. Most of Jemal Chambers' stab wounds were to the back of her head, according to an autopsy.

"The knife that was recovered at the scene was consistent with the stab wounds of the victims. There was also a shattered skillet consistent with the blunt force trauma at the scene," the prosecutor read.

Police believe Chambers attacked his stepson as the boy tried to save his mother's life.

On Monday, police said the woman's 14-year-old daughter found her mother dead and brother clinging to life in the family's home on Tidewater Drive in southwest Houston.

Chambers was taken into custody the same day without incident. He is currently being held without bond. He told the judge he plans to hire an attorney.

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