Couple protecting neighbor's home shoots, kills alleged intruder in Channelview

HOUSTON - An alleged burglar was killed Monday after investigators say a couple caught the man inside their neighbor's Channelview home and then opened fire.

According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, the couple called 911 to report a shooting in the 300 block of Lakeside Drive around 2 a.m.

Sergeant Ben Beall said the man and woman told investigators that they had been asked to watch over their neighbor's vacant home and motion sensors alerted them to an intruder.

Beall said the couple, who both have concealed handgun licenses, armed themselves and went next door to check it out. At the house, the couple noticed the front door was unlocked and a bathroom door was locked.

"They announced themselves, told the person that if there was anybody in the bathroom that they were armed and to come out. They didn't get a response," said Beall.

According to Beall, as the couple unlocked the door, a man came charging out of the bathroom and knocked the female down.

"Both homeowners discharged their weapons, striking the male. The male was able to get to the back yard, where he collapsed," said Beall.

Beall said the alleged burglar was taken to a hospital and died around 4:30 a.m. His identity has not been released. Investigators said items considered to be burglary tools were found at the scene.

"He had gloves, flashlights, a crowbar and some type of device designed to break windows," said Beall.

Upon completion, the investigation will be forwarded to the Harris County Grand Jury to determine whether charges will be filed.

People who live in the Channelview neighborhood told Local 2 there have been a number of break-ins recently, causing residents to be on alert.

After hearing about the shooting, Gary Flores drove to the neighborhood to make sure his father-in-law's house across the street from the shooting was secure. Flores said his father-in-law passed recently, and just days ago, someone forced their way inside the now-vacant home.

"I don't want to see anyone get killed or anything like that, but I'm relieved that we have good people watching our stuff. It's unfortunate that he had to shoot somebody, but if I would have been there I would have done the same thing, to be honest with you," said Flores.

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