Couple accused of using toy gun in robberies

Police: Couple could be linked to 13 robberies in one day

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston couple used a toy gun to commit as many as 13 robberies in a weekend crime spree, said police.

Joseph Becerra and Jessica Acevedo are both charged with felony robbery. 

Police said they picked their victims at random between late Friday and early Saturday and used a toy gun to terrorize them.

In one instance, a 32-year-old victim was pushing his 3-month-old son in a stroller when the suspects approached, pulled out a pistol and demanded his wallet, said police. 

Police believe Becerra used the toy gun while Acevedo acted as the lookout.

Another victim was approached at a bank located at 235 W. 19th Street in The Heights. While he was taking out money from the ATM, police said the suspects forced him to withdraw all his cash. 

Houston police caught the couple at that same bank and said they found evidence in their vehicle that linked them to other robberies. 

Police said the gun this couple used was a fake but one of the victims told Local 2 it did not have the orange tip that indicates it's a toy. 

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