Consumer alert for red light camera violations in League City

Police: City stopped using red light cameras in July

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LEAGUE CITY - Authorities in League City are warning residents against a consumer alert regarding red light camera fine collections.

League City police says victims have reported receiving a phone call from a man identifying himself as an employee with the police department.

Officials say the man claims that he is collecting money for a previous red light camera violation. He then gives detailed information in an effort to persuade the victims to pay a fine.

Authorities say the League City Police Department and the League City Municipal Court are not contacting red light camera violators. 

In fact, the department says the city has not used red light cameras since July 2013.

If there are any issues with pending violations, police says they are being handled directly by the court and in person at the court house. 

"Public trust is important to us," said Assistant Chief Gary Ratliff with the League City Police Department in a statement.  "We encourage our citizens to pass this information on in order to prevent this type of fraud from occurring in our city." 

Police say you should be suspicious if an unknown person makes contact with you and requests money by email, phone or in person.

If you or know someone who has information on these crimes, you're asked to call Det. Weems at 281-338-4182.

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