Construction creates headaches in Upper Kirby area

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - If you've driven in the Upper Kirby area, you know the road construction there can really slow you down. It may have you wondering why all that construction is necessary.

There are several road construction projects happening right now and in the works in the Upper Kirby area. One along Westheimer has been going for several months and we found out when it's completed there will be a lot of improvements not just for drivers, but pedestrians as well.

It's all part of a massive project to fix drainage issues on Westheimer between Shepherd Drive and Buffalo Speedway.

"What we are doing is going to be dramatic. Wen we come back with the streetscape plan, we have the over head utilities underground. That section of Westheimer is going to be an amazing place," said Travis Younkin.

The $30 million project to fix the drainage issues is turning into a whole lot more. From burying the power lines, new lighting and smoother lanes to street beautification and even perks for pedestrians like sidewalks and crosswalks on Westheimer near Kirby Drive.

"There is a ton of new density coming in so we are planning that end of the project allowing people a safe crossing or at least lets drivers know there are pedestrians here, there are a lot of people walking around," said Younkin.

With the project well underway, another one just a few blocks away is about to start. The city of Houston will start a drainage and paving project on Shepherd Drive from Allen Parkway to Westheimer in early August and that's expected to take an entire year to complete.

All of that construction work along the 59 feeder continues. Local 2 was there Monday as crews started blocking the on ramp to Highway 59 inbound at Kirby Drive.

These are all projects that give drivers headaches now, but those behind them say once they are finished everyone will see the benefits.

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