Comcast charges thousands of customers for taxes they don't owe

Be sure to check your latest bill

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - If you've got cable or internet service, you may want to check your latest bill.

Several Comcast customers called Consumer Expert Amy Davis when they noticed a new tax on their statement.

Henry Thornton's Comcast cable bill shows a 52-cent tax for "Mont Co Emer Serv Dist 9."

The "Mont Co" part got his attention because Thornton lives in Houston's Montrose area, approximately 47 miles from Montgomery County Emergency Services District 9.

Thornton called Comcast and tried to reason with the customer service representative who took his call.

"You have my address, you can tell I don't live in Montgomery County," Thornton says he told the rep.

He says the person on the other end of the line was no help.

"They just finally came back and said it was a tax that they had to charge... and to contact my councilman or whomever," Thornton said.

Local 2 asked Comcast about the tax on June 14th.

After 10 days, spokesman Michael Bybee sent this statement:

"We determined the county tax fee implemented during the June billing cycle to be a one-time error that affected about 22 percent of customers. We apologize to the affected customers and are automatically refunding the fee, which on average is $0.74, during the next billing cycle."

Davis also spoke with Montgomery County ESD number 9's fire chief.

He said he has received a few phone calls too.

At least one of the Comcast customers who called him lives in Liberty County.

Check your bill. You should notice the refund on your next statement.

In the meantime, if you feel you are being unfairly taxed and you can't get answers from the company imposing the tax, you can call the Texas Comptroller's Office at 1-888-334-4112.

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