City crews fix eight foot deep sinkhole in southwest Houston

HOUSTON - City crews worked Monday night to fix a large sinkhole in southwest Houston.

It was located at Fairdale and Fountain View just north of Richmond.

Public Works officials said the sinkhole is at least eight feet deep and it was caused by a water main break that eroded the ground.

Construction crews working nearby reported it on Thursday.

At least two people drove into the sinkhole on Monday. One driver told Local 2 she was able to get her car out.  But Ashley Johnson's new car was swallowed by the hole, and had to be towed.  "Now I'm going to have to really fix my car," said Johnson.

While drivers wanted the sinkhole fixed immediately, Public Works crews also had to consider the many businesses and residents nearby that would be forced to go without water while repairs were being done.

Tony Thompson owns Excel Academy and worried about the fifty children in his care.  

"We probably would have to start calling parents to come pick up because we can't survive without water or power," said Thompson. 

Thompson said City workers turned off the water, but turned it right back on, after Thompson asked if the road project could wait until the daycare's closing time.  Thompson said, thankfully, the workers agreed.

After the delay, crews went back to work on the sinkhole, turned the water off and finished repairing the road by 9:45 p.m. on Monday.

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