Chuck E. Cheese's adds beer & wine to win over young parents

By Cody Schultz - News Producer

HOUSTON - Chuck E. Cheese's is hoping to win over millennial moms with beer and wine.

The chain knows that young moms are the ones who decide where a kid can be a kid, and where their birthday parties will be hosted. Chuck E. Cheese's has also revamped its entire meal, adding gluten-free pizza and thin crust. The restaurant and entertainment chain is also experimenting with coffees, lattes and cappuccinos, in addition to the expanded beer and wine options.

According to the company, the average child wants to visit Chuck E. Cheese's once a month, but parents are only interested in taking them about three times a year. The company has seen a decline in store sales over the last few years. The restaurant hopes the new menu catering to adult tastes will help lure in parents and boost sales.

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