Child left on bus, attacked by dog

Bus driver Simona Alcaide charged with endangering child

HOUSTON - A child was left alone on a school bus and attacked by a dog, and the bus driver is facing charges, investigators said.

Houston police said Theo Jones boarded the private school bus Wednesday morning on his way to school, but fell asleep before it arrived.

Police said the driver, Simona Alcaide, parked the bus at the lot on Weeping Willow and Alabonson and admitted that she didn't check the seats before leaving.

When Theo woke up and realized what had happened, investigators said he grabbed his backpack, made his way off the bus and started walking out of the lot.

"The dog started chasing after me," Theo said.

The dog began biting into the boy's backpack, police said.

"It just jumped on me," Theo said. "Then somebody helped me over the fence."

He was not hurt and he returned to Kathryn Smith Elementary on Thursday. Theo's mother said her son takes a private bus to school since the school district doesn't provide service because he lives near the school.

Theo said he plans to take the bus to school on Friday, but he's going to make sure he stays awake.

Alcaide has been charged with endangering a child.

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