CHAT RECAP: Your towing questions answered

Channel 2 Investigator Jace Larson and attorney Scott Callahan answer your questions

HOUSTON - Channel 2 Investigates found several Houston-area tow truck companies that have been in trouble with the state for illegally towing cars. 

Channel 2 Investigator Jace Larson hosted a web chat Wednesday with a Houston attorney to answer questions about towing laws.

If your car has been towed, there are several things you need to check out to make sure the tow was legal and valid.  If the towing company violated any of the rules, you can fight to get your money back.

Read a recap of the chat in the window below.

Tune in to KPRC 2 News at 10 Wednesday night to see Larson's investigation on Houston-area tow truck companies and find out the legal loophole that's allowing companies to stay on the road even after their license is revoked.


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