CenterPointEnergy and wildlife experts preserve bald eagle's nest

Experts say the eagles could lay their eggs in their new nest as early as December

HUMBLE, Tx - CenterPoint Energy teams and wildlife experts installed a 112-foot concrete pole to preserve the nest of two bald eagles.

The Schneider's own a large plot of land in Humble off of Highway 59, where they spent hours watching two bald eagles set up shop in a tree in their backyard.

"Every morning we sit and drink our coffee and watch them and in the afternoon we sit and drink our beer and watch them," said Don Schneider.

Schneider knew there was a problem when the pine tree died. The tree became weak and power crews told him there were concerns the tree could fall into power lines that were just a few feet away.

Jeff Dalla Rosa of Center Point said, "The land owner informed them there was an eagle's nest in one of the dead trees that they needed to take down."

The nest was positioned on top of the pole, that is about 30 yards from where the dead tree was.

Since the nest was moved, the eagles haven't been seen as much, but the Schnieders are holding out hope.

Experts say the eagles could lay their eggs as early as December, so there's a good chance they will use this spot to nest.

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