Capt. Bill Dowling reaches several milestones in recovery

HFD firefighter was seriously injured battling the Southwest Inn fire in 2013

By Louis Lochte - News Producer, Erica Young - News Producer
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From: Facebook

HOUSTON - Houston firefighter Capt. Bill Dowling reached some major milestones in his recovery over the weekend.

Dowling was seriously injured in May 2013 while battling a fire at the Southwest Inn on the Southwest Freeway and Hornwood Drive.

Dowling's wife, Jacki Dowling, shared with friends and family over the weekend on Facebook that "Iron Bill" is now pushing himself into a sitting position, lifting himself up and twisting his hips.

All are considered major improvements in his physical abilities, according to Jacki.
Bill Dowling is now beginning to talk again.

His wife said he saw a gallon of milk on the counter and asked Jacki to put in the refrigerator.

On her Facebook page, she wrote he told his brother he wants to go out to a restaurant for dinner.

According to his wife, Bill Dowling said he wanted to go to Twin Peaks.

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