Burglar breaks through brick wall in north Houston

Thief escaped before police arrived

HOUSTON - A burglar took extreme measures to get inside a north Houston convenience store early Friday, police said.

When investigators arrived at the Phillips 66 store on Irvington Boulevard and Cavalcade Street, they found a hole in a brick wall. A storage door was also open.

Security cameras inside the store recorded food and drinks being shoved to the ground and man looking around the store. The store owner, Amirali Dholasaniya, said, "He tried looking for money. He looked at the ATM."

The burglar also damaged a lottery vending machine but wasn't able to break into it.

The thief got away, police said.

At first survey, the store owner said he did not see anything missing.

Employees at the store were left with a massive clean up and estimate the cost of damage just under $5,000.

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