Break-ins strike fear in Meyerland residents

HOUSTON - Police patrols in Meyerland will increase after a string of break-ins, authorities said.

Investigators said a criminal on the run has been targeting homes near 610 west to Hillcroft and Braeswood south to West Bellfort.

In total, there have been eight break-ins this month in Southwest Houston. The most recent break-in happened on Aug. 22 around 4 p.m. on Valkeith Drive.

Resident Staci Beinart said the robbery happened at her elderly neighbor's home a few doors down.

"Everybody is scared. We want this guy caught," said Beinart.

Detectives said someone entered through a back window they broke with a brick, but only had time to grab a small jewelry box before the alarm went off.

"I always have my alarm on but I don't think they care. They go inside and they know they have a certain amount of time before police do come," said Beinart. "It is horrible that it has happened this many times."

Investigators said a resident reported seeing a suspicious man driving away from the scene after the victim's alarm started blaring. That same neighbor told police she spotted a guy in the neighborhood knocking on doors the day before.

Police said the suspicious man is described as a white male, about 5 feet 8 inches tall and heavily tattooed around his neck. He was last seen driving a blue or green Ford Escape.

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