Break-ins have neighbors on high alert in Laurel Place subdivision

Three break-ins in two days

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Neighbors are on high alert after crooks broke into three homes in the Laurel Place subdivision in north Harris County.

The burglars broke into one home on Monday, then another two the very next day, officials said.

Francine White owns one of the homes targeted. She said the whole ordeal has her shaken up.

"I thought we were in a pretty safe area. This is really so unfortunate that people take advantage of you while you're at work making a living for your family," White said.

Two of the homes broken into are just across the street from each other.

"We came in to a door kicked in, everything tossed because they were looking for something," said Nina Gamble, another victim.

Nina said she rushed home after her son discovered the break in when he got home from school.

In all three cases, investigators said the thieves forced their way through the front door and apparently moved quickly to look for mainly electronic devices.

The thieves were only able to grab a gaming device from Gamble's home, but got away with a television in one of the others, investigators said.

"The officer was saying they want things that are high tech. That's hot, that they can sell really quick. Because it's not going to the pawn shop," said Gamble.

Officials said there have been two more burglaries in the area since these. So far, no word on whether these more recent cases are related.

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