Boy says teacher sent 'sexts' to him, then sexually assaulted him

HOUSTON - A local teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with a student and she's also accused of "sexting" naked pictures of herself that student.

The boy, a student at Benjamin Davis High School, says his substitute teacher took advantage of him, sending him sexually explicit texts and even sexually assaulting him. That boy says when administrators found out he was treated like a suspect instead of the victim.

"It's really hard with everybody knowing who I am and not for the right reasons," said the 16-year-old boy, who we are not identifying.

He says a friendly relationship with his substitute teacher turned sexual. Now he's at the center of controversy at his high school.

Standing with his mother and community activist Quanell X, the group says the teacher and school failed to act appropriately.

"I think that the school and the district should do a better job of protecting the children," Quanell X said.

He says the teacher started sending the boy nude photos of herself and making sexual propositions.

"While she's teaching the class, she's sending him inappropriate sexual text messages while they are sitting in class," said Quanell X.

He says it escalated to sexual acts between the teacher and student. He says administrators found out when nude photos of the teacher were circulated between students. Quanell X says the school police handcuffed the boy in front of his classmates and questioned him.

"I just don't understand the handcuff part at all. I don't understand how they questioned him. I don't understand how they did not call me for maybe three to four hours," said the boy's mom.

Now the teen is back at home, not facing any charges, but his mother worries that the school police aren't properly investigating and charging the teacher.

Aldine ISD officials won't say much about the incident., but they tell us they are investigating the allegations and the substitute is not allowed on any of their school campus.

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