Boy, 9, found safe after disappearing on bike in South Houston neighborhood

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A mother whose young son disappeared on his bike in a South Houston neighborhood received some good news Friday afternoon.

"It's just so frustrating not knowing where your kid is at," said Bethany Gomez.

As she showed us a picture of her son, 9-year-old Carlos Cerna, she got some great news.

"An officer picked him up and him up and has his bike with him," Gomez said.

She got the word that her son was OK. Carlos had been missing for about five hours and that worried her. She says her family just moved to a neighborhood in the city of South Houston and know few people. She called the police for help.

"It's like a nightmare not having my son here," she said.

Soon the South Houston police arrived with Carlos and his bike. The fire marshal spotted the green bike and found Carlos visiting friends from school in a house not far away. His mom said she had no idea. It was an emotional homecoming for his mom and a reminder for parents everywhere.

"Keep an eye on your kids. It's summer time. They're out of school. They're going to be out and about. They've got friends all over the place. Make sure you know where they're at," said Charles Sluder, Fire Marshal for the City of South Houston.

"Don't let him go unless you're with him. Not even out of your yard. If you're outside, if they're outside, be with them. Don't let them take off. Not even to go around the block," Gomez said.

In addition, it's important to be able to describe your child's clothing and even details of their bike to help searchers.

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