B-Cycle, Houston bike share program, to expand

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - The Houston bike share program called B-Cycle is growing.

You may have seen the red bikes with baskets on the front around downtown Houston, Montrose and Midtown. Now you can expect to see more if a major expansion plan stays on track.

The bike share program launched in 2012 and has grown so quickly, managers have plans to expand the whole operation.

"We have a five-year plan where we want to be 100 stations and 1,000 bikes by the end of 2017. Right now we are having extensive conversations with the Medical Center, with West U. We aspire to be down in the Washington Corridor," said William Rub, with B-Cycle.

Right now, there are 29 stations where people can rent bikes. There are a total of 225 bikes throughout the downtown area and B-Cycle estimates there are 1,800 checkouts each week.

"We have dozens of annual members that have fundamentally put their car away and use these bikes to make their daily commute to and from work," said Rub.

You can rent a bike for a day for as little as $5. The bike share program generates much of its funding from federal money, as well as rental fees.

When riders check out a bike from one station, they are allowed to return them to any other station in the area. They don't necessarily have to be returned to the same location where it was checked out.

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