ATM stolen in smash & grab

HOUSTON - An ATM was stolen from a northeast Houston store when thieves used a pickup truck to smash into the business.

The smash-and-grab occurred around 3 a.m. at the Quick Saver store in the 1900 block of Jensen Drive and Sumpter Street.

The owner was notified by his alarm company.

"The alarm company called me and then the police called me after the vehicle hit through the wall. They told me they took the ATM machine," said Rocky Lam, the store owner.

According to police and evidence left at the scene, officials believe a Ford pickup truck was used to careen into the building. A black tailgate, taillight and a Ford emblem were all found at the store.

The thieves walked away with more than just the ATM cash.

"They took the camera, the modem. They took the ATM. They took the laptop and some cigarettes," said Lam.

Harry Mathis, a witness who heard the crash and saw the suspects, said he could not get a good description in the dark.

"There were four people. Two ran away. The other two got back in the truck. They probably met up, I don't know," said Mathis.

The Quick Saver has only been open for six months. In that short time, the owner has made some neighborhood friends.

"This hurts because he's a good man, good people," said Mathis.

Investigators found the truck used in the burglary a few blocks away. It was believed to be stolen from a woman who lives nearby.

Authorities had not yet made any arrests and were reviewing surveillance video.

They said one of the surveillance cameras, which captured the truck going in, was removed and taken by the crooks.

Lam said he will fix the damage to his store and reopen.

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