Armed robbers shoot into crowd

HOUSTON - Police said two armed men shot into a crowd in a northwest Houston parking lot.

The shooting happened in the 800 block of West Little York on Sunday at 6:25 p.m.

As many as 50 people were gathered in the parking lot when two armed men walked up and demanded money, according to witnesses.

Houston Police Sgt. Robert Musick said five to eight people handed over their cash, but the suspects began shooting when two men tried to run to a nearby apartment building.

One of the men was hit in the hip, but is expected to recover, authorities said.

Bullets narrowly missed a 61-year-old woman and her 90-year-old aunt sitting across the street.

Stray shots slammed into a parked car and a house owned by Mabel Henry. Henry and her 90-year-old aunt, Ester Davis, were sitting on the front porch with two other relatives.

Henry said the bullet passed within inches of her aunt's head, and narrowly missed her brother before lodging in a window sill.

"It was a very frightening experience. I wouldn't want to have to live any of that again," Henry said. "People were running left and right and cars running left and right. We couldn't tell what was what."

The two gunmen sped away in the confusion, but hit another car less than a mile away at the intersection of Victory and Wheatley.

Police found money inside the car, but the suspects managed to escape.

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