Apartment residents ask for more security after 10 burglaries

Woman says burglars targeted her apartment 3 times

By Phil Archer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Residents say management at one southwest Houston apartment building needs to beef up security after ten burglaries have taken place there since Nov. 4.

However, one manager of the Shadowlake Apartments told Local 2 that catching burglars is up to police.

Burglars targeted Kelli Santana's apartment three times. She said last October, someone tried to pry open her front door, but failed.

Santana said the burglar then came back and burglarized her apartment twice; once in November and again about two weeks ago.

"It was very hard to believe it was happening again in such a short time frame," said Santana.

Santana said the thieves took everything of value, but it's likely one of her neighbor's suffered the biggest loss. A woman, who asked not to be identified, told us burglars stole about $30,000 worth of jewelry from her apartment in December.

"Oh, I was mad, I was mad," said the victim. "I was distraught.

So far, there have been no arrests. The complex is gated and has a security guard who works from 9 am to 5 pm, but residents say that's not stopping the burglars who often strike early in the morning.

Santana said she and other residents have asked management for more security, but aren't getting it.

"I think they should have 24-hour security knowing this is an issue," said Santana. "It seems more times than not the response is 'Well safety is not our problem, that's not our issue, we can't promise anybody's safety.' I don't think paying a security guard $10 to $12 an hour is going to bankrupt them."

Local 2 stopped by the apartment office and asked manager Audrey Moore if there were any plans to improve security in light of the most recent burglaries. Moore referred Local 2's Phil Archer to police.

"You want to talk to HPD," said Moore. "We're not at liberty to elaborate. This is private property."

Santana said she's had enough. She's asked to be released from her lease so she can move.

Local 2 has asked police what they're doing to stop the burglaries, and was told burglary and theft offices are investigating and asking for anyone with information about the burglaries to call them or Crime Stoppers.

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