All-out Texans brawl caught on tape

Texans president speaks out about security

HOUSTON - A YouTube clip of football fans coming to blows at a Texans game on August 18, has caught the attention of thousands.

The fight broke out in the stands at Reliant Stadium with adults and kids in the fray. Lionel Palomares said his family witnessed the brawl and got hit too.

"I don't think it should happen that way, especially when you have kids around," said Palomares.

"Some Texan fans behind us were just game talking, you know talking stuff back and forth. It just escalated a little bit," Palomares said.

Palomares said he jumped in when his 18-year-old son received the first punch. His 15-year-old son also got hit in the face and suffered a broken nose.

In the cell phone video you can see staff members nearby. Houston police officers eventually responded too.

"There were staff, but nobody seemed to do anything about it," said Palomares.

Texans president Jamey Rootes said the staff response was appropriate.

"Non-police personnel were on the scene trying to address the situation as the argument began," Rootes told Local 2. "When the fight happened, it was immediately reported to the command post and the police were immediately taken to that site."

Rootes said it took several minutes for police to arrive, but once there, the fight ended.

This violence came just a week before a fan accidentally fell from an escalator to his death at the stadium during a Thursday Texans game.

Rootes called both incidents unfortunate, but said Texans games are usually very safe, with 800 security personnel and 200 police officers on site at each game.

"For those rare occurrences that pop up, they get taken care of quickly," said Rootes.

However, Rootes said his staff will still review each incident, to see if there are ways they can improve. If fans encounter problems on game days, they can call the game day service hotline at 832-667-1400.

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