Alert HPD officer helps to nab theft suspects at hospital

HOUSTON - Two men are facing charges after an alert Houston police officer acted on an observation of suspicious activity at the Texas Children's Hospital West Campus.

Anthony Markus Coleman and Shamark Shields are charged with theft. According to court documents on Oct. 8 an HPD officer working a second job at TCH on the Katy Freeway observed a sedan pull up and let a passenger out of the vehicle. The passenger, holding a towel to his neck, approached the nurse's desk, seeking medical services. The officer says he observed the vehicle park in the parking lot for an extended period of time with its lights off and no front license plate.

The officer deemed the activity suspicious because he said those actions were similar to the actions of prior suspects breaking into vehicles in the parking lot. The officer approached the vehicle and said he could smell marijuana, so he began a probable cause search of the vehicle.

Court documents state the officer say a large bag in the back seat that contained jewelry, a purse, a woman's driver's license and the same woman's ID cards.

"They had an assortment of jewelry and debit cards," said prosecutor Hank Altmiller.

Police say Shields told the officer that the bag belonged to his boyfriend, Coleman. According to police, each defendant said the bag and its contents belonged to the other person.

The items, which included six watches, 16 necklaces, 41 bracelets, one purse, two rings and two mini hard drives, were worth more than $2,000.

The victim told investigators the items recovered were the same items taken in a home burglary on Oct. 1.

In that burglary, police say the suspects broke a window at a home in the 17000 block of Wild Willow Lane, went inside and stole dozens of valuables.

Coleman, 31, and Shields, 27, are both in custody.

A spokesperson told Local 2 that car burglaries at the hospital have declined due to increased security and security cameras.

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