AIRobics offers high energy, low-impact Fun

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

HOUSTON - When it comes to getting in shape, experts always say find something you like and stick with it. A new class at "Sky High Sports" in West Houston has people flying high and coming back for more. It's called AIRobics.

Instructor Brandin Roberts explained, "AIRobics is 35 minutes of air jumping on the trampoline with cardio and it's 25 minutes laying down working out your core."

It looked easy enough, but AIRobics student Marley Jackson warned, "The first class was super intense. I thought I was going to die."

So I asked Brandin, "Am I going to be able to survive this?"

He replied, "I hope so! I'll help you through it."

Marley added, "You're going to survive, by tomorrow, you won't really feel it. But, the next day, you'll feel it really bad."

That's because this low impact, high energy workout focuses on areas many of us struggle with.

Brandin said, "You can burn up to 1000 calories. You're going to be working out your legs, your gluts, everything."

And I was feeling it!

Afterward, I couldn't feel my legs. My brain felt like it was still in motion and my body was totally Jello. Very intense.

Sandra Cortez has been coming with her co-workers for the last three months.

She said, "I've probably lost like 15 pounds, 20 pounds just from doing this two to three times a week.

Marley added, "The results are so good I've lost like 10 pounds in 2 weeks."

Sandra explained, "Whatever your capabilities you are, no matter what size you are, anyone can jump on a trampoline. So for me, it's fun. It's not boring. It's not your typical workout."

I made it through my first class, barely. My lungs were about to explode, but one thing I learned here is that it's impossible to do AIRobics without a huge smile on your face and that's what brings these folks back, class after class.

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