Agents find thousands of drugs in southwest Houston home

HOUSTON - Thousands of ecstasy pills, powder and paraphernalia were confiscated from a southwest Houston home Thursday.

The bust occurred at a home in the 8800 block of Beckford Drive and Bacard Drive. Investigators began preparing for the bust around 2 p.m. Wednesday and overnight Thursday, they made their move.

Police said the undercover agents found thousands of ecstasy pills stashed away inside the home.

Officials said it was a very sophisticated drug operation. Aside from the ecstasy pills separated by color, agents also found boxes filled with white powder, rifles, a very expensive pill press and a stamping machine used to stamp letters or logos on the ecstasy pills, according to the undercover agents.

"What they were doing was pressing the pills with the equipment that we are seizing. There is no danger here, the reason Hazmat was out here is [because] when we went into the room where everything was being built there was a bunch of white powder boxes. Nobody wanted to take any chances with that. Every time we moved the box, it opened up another box. There was a white powder that consistently filled the air," said the undercover agent who asked not to be identified.

Officials said the white powder was used to make the pills.

According to authorities, the street value of the drugs was possibly close to $100,000.

The male homeowner will be charged with possession of a controlled substance, making and possession of illegal drugs for the purpose of distribution.

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