7 bikini body busters to avoid this summer

According to Health.com, there are seven bikini body busters that pack on the pounds between now and Labor Day

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

HOUSTON - With the Fourth of July holiday, many of us will gather with family and friends.

Most of the celebrations involve good food and drinks with hidden calories and fat you may not even be aware of.

Summertime means fun by the pool and beach and showing a little more skin.

Kelsey-Seybold Clinic Registered Dietitian Ronda Elsenbrook told Local 2, "You want to be comfortable and confident and if you're already losing weight and trying to be healthy, you don't want to ruin it in the summer time."

According to Health.com, there are seven Bikini Body Busters that pack on the pounds between now and Labor Day.

First and foremost: ice cream! A pint can cost you a whopping 800 calories, twice as much as a slice of cheesecake.

That Greek frozen yogurt's not much better either.

Elsenbrook recommends trying her summer swap.

"Bananas have a texture that is very creamy and rich like ice cream and you can put those in the freezer and eat them by themselves. You can roll them in nuts and yogurt or chocolate chips," said Elsenbrook.

Another sneaky summer favorite?

Umbrella drinks costing you about 600 calories each, the same as a six pack of light beer.

Instead, try Elsenbrook's twist on a spritzer.

"I just took a spiced rum which has a lot of favor and added a sugar free lime flavored sparkling water to it and it's wonderful at 80 calories," said Elsenbrook.

Sushi is a summer favorite, but some of these popular new rolls are packed with calories.

Take for instance the dynamite roll which can have more calories than a quarter pounder!"

Elsenbrook said, "Anything with "tempura battered," those are going to be signals. Any type of sauces, cream sauces, those are going to be filled with fat."

How about a tall glass of lemonade to cool you down?

A 16 ounce glass has the equivalent of 14 cubes of sugar!
Elsenbrook said, "It adds up very quickly."

Make your own with sparkling water, fresh lemon juice and maybe a dash of all natural grapefruit juice for a bit of zing.

Summer movies and popcorn go hand in hand. But save 130 calories per tablespoon by skipping the butter.

Chips and dips are always on the menu.

But French onion and ranch dips are loaded with fat and calories.

Go for the raw veggies and hummus instead.

Finally, hamburgers really hit the spot at a barbecue, but swapping a bun for lettuce or Portobello mushrooms can save you up to 300 calories.

Elsenbrook said, "These calories are sneaking up on you ."

7All simple ideas to keep you sleek this summer.

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