6 suspected illegal immigrants dead in Texas crash

6 dead after truck crashes into security barrier at Texas naval station

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KINGSVILLE, Texas - Officials say six suspected illegal immigrants were killed and nine were injured when a truck being pursued by Kingsville police crashed into a security barrier at Naval Air Station Kingsville.

Senior Cpl. Charlie Ramirez that says after the vehicle didn't stop at the first guard gate, popup guards were activated, which the pickup hit late Wednesday night.

Jon Gagne, Naval Air Station Kingsville spokesman, says the gate guard "stepped out to observe the vehicle coming in and greeted the vehicle as he normally would, but the vehicle did not stop."

Gagne says, "It went through there at a high rate of speed. He notified the inside front gate and our barrier was deployed."

None of the victims have been identified.

Kingsville is about 40 miles southwest of Corpus Christi.