5th Perkins sextuplet goes home

Allison Perkins joins 4 siblings at home

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This is a picture of the sextuplets shortly after they were born on April 23.

HOUSTON - The parents of sextuplets have taken five babies home.

Lauren Perkins, 28, and David Perkins, 29, had trouble conceiving, which led to fertility treatment and the surprise of expecting six babies.

The sextuplets were born to the Pearland couple on April 23 at the Texas Children's Pavilion for Women. The three boys and three girls weighed between 1.10 pounds to 2.15 pounds at birth. A total of 35 people were in the operating room when the babies were delivered by C-section in just under 4 minutes.

Allison Perkins went home for the first time on Thursday. She was reunited with her brothers, Andrew, Benjamin and Levi, and her sister, Caroline.

One other baby, Leah, is still being cared for at the hospital. Leah recently had surgery to fix a perforated bowel. She will have to stay in the hospital as her recovery continues and she learns how to eat. Hospital officials said they expect she will be in the hospital a few more weeks.

The babies recently celebrated their 3-month birthday. Andrew and Benjamin weigh 10 pounds, Caroline is 9 pounds, Levi is 6 pounds and Allison is 7 pounds.

The couple wants to live a private life with their new family. The Perkins have been married for four years.

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