5 women arrested in Walmart theft ring bust

5 women facing felony charges

By Amanda Gamez - News Executive Producer

Kimberly Kallie, Kiara Robertson, Lamonique Perkins & Rolena Watson

HOUSTON - Five women are facing felony charges after investigators say they busted a theft ring at a Walmart.

The women charged are Kimberly Kallie, 25, Rolena Watson, 20. Kiara Robertson, 21, LaMonique Perkins, 24, and Latasha Hawks, 31. They all worked at Walmart off Rowlett road in Southeast Houston.

Watson was a cashier. According to court documents, she stole and gave money to the other four women charged. This allegedly happened between April 1-22. The store's asset protection manager said Watson gave a total of $2,096.88 to them, sometimes by under-ringing items and stealing the cash. That manager told investigators he has voluntary written statements from each suspect, admitting they knew each other and they were working together. He also has surveillance video and cash register documents as evidence.

According to court documents, all five women admitted they were working together to under-ring items and steal cash.

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