4 women arrested for Radio Shack robbery

BAYTOWN - Baytown police have arrested four women who they said robbed a Radio Shack.

According to police, the women robbed a Radio Shack in the 4600 block of Garth Road Wednesday morning. 

The police were called shortly after 9 a.m. after receiving a 911 call from a terrified employee.

Officers were able to follow the suspects and arrest them in a nearby neighborhood.

"All in black, went inside armed with a weapon, took money and cell phones from the store. In doing so pepper sprayed the manager and employees," said Detective Elizondo.

According to police, the suspects tied up the employees hands and mouths, using duct tape. The woman loaded up on merchandise while terrorizing the shocked workers.

A short time later, investigators were able to locate the women.

When asked if she regretted doing it, one of the suspects said, "I don't live for regret."

Police say they found pistols, two pistols, two hoodies, cash and cell phones inside the suspects car.

Police believe the suspects are be connected to four other cell phone store robberies.

Police identified the suspects as 30-year-old Portney Hunt, 20-year-old Mykela Anderson, 22-year-old Diane Williams and 23-year-old Kastevy Johnson.

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